Lifestyle Upgrade

First impressions are EVERYTHING. Without a good one, you’re not going to be considered an option by others (and we all know having limited options isn’t fun). Many things factor into the initial impression people have of you: the clothes you wear, the ways in which you communicate, how you keep your home…

Here’s where I come in: I will help you update your ideas about what you want, the message you’re sending out, your look, your bachelor(ette) pad, and your lifestyle. I will have you being your best self and getting what you what you want out of life in no time.

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SERVICES (Available a la carte or individually)

THE BIG PICTURE: We’ll get clear on who you are, what you want, and create a strategy for leveraging your strengths and promoting your best self. {1-2 hours}

WARDROBE UPDATE: We’ll define your personal style and get you looking your best by pulling pieces from your existing wardrobe and adding to it (working within your budget, of course). {4-6 hours}

ONLINE PROFILE EDIT: I’ll work with you to edit and/or create an irresistible online profile(s) that showcases the best of you, in words and pictures. I’ll even take a sweet headshot of you, if you’re in need. {2 hours}

HOME IMPROVEMENT: We’ll whip your pad into shape, making it an attractive retreat for overnight guests (working within your budget, of course). {2-4 hours}

SOCIAL STRATEGY: We’ll develop networking strategies based on your social goals and cover crucial communication dos and don’ts. {1-2 hours}